Spine surgery: When is it required?

: Dr Himanshu Tyagi Back or neck pain is undoubtedly the most common reason to visit an orthopedician in today’s era. Low back pain alone accounts for almost 60 % of orthopedic OPD in any given hospital. Normally, low back pain or neck pain respond well to conservative treatment in the form of lifestyle modification,Continue reading “Spine surgery: When is it required?”

Lockdown Corollary –  Weight gain and Arthritis.

: Dr Himanshu Tyagi “I have put on some weight during this lockdown” – this is probably one of the most commonly heard statements of 2020. And the very next declaration would be “My knees have started hurting lately”. As per one study, almost one-third of the population has put on weight during the lastContinue reading “Lockdown Corollary –  Weight gain and Arthritis.”

Lockdown leading to Joint pains in women due to excessive household work.

” Doctor I have a severe pain in my back and right shoulder since last 25 days, please advise me some strong painkiller as I cannot afford to take rest at this point” said Mrs Sangeeta, 46 year old working women having 2  kids and a husband. This is not just the story of MrsContinue reading “Lockdown leading to Joint pains in women due to excessive household work.”